Important Info

My blogging adventure hooked me for good. Like everything in my life, I treat it ambitiously and sincere. There are few things You need to know about me:

    1. I am completely independent. I do not work for any pharmaceutical concern, company or pharmacy. Nobody affects my opinion and work.
    2. I do not write sponsored posts. Sometimes I recommend a product or a service, but it is only when I consider it worthy of my recommendation.
    3. There are Google Adsense advertisements on my page. You can always use ad blocking software, but I have a favour. Consider adding my page to exceptions in your blocker. I promise not to use pop-out ads (I hate them too) or sound/movie ads (they make me want to murder somebody). Ads on this website are independent of me, Google provides ads matched to your internet activity. Maybe they will inspire you when you will look for a gift, baby accessories or a new phone/computer. If you want to support me, please let these ads be shown. I don’t want to have sponsors (read pt. 1 and 2), and I don’t want to collect money from my readers and fans (eg. on Patreon). Nevertheless, I want to develop, realize some projects which may require financial resources. Also maintaining private hosting and domain costs and it is the only way to create content freely.
    4. This website, my pictures and graphics are my property if not stated otherwise (lol, memes). Content I create is protected by copyright law. Copying it or its fragments without my knowledge and consent will be treated as a violation of these laws. You can share a link to my website or social media or clearly acknowledge my authorship of any of my content, but it is better to ask first. My work cost a lot of effort and time. I am a scientist and we treat this issue very seriously.
    5. The site will be multilingual. Often content in different languages will vary. I can speak Polish a little bit English and poorly in German. Perhaps creating in other languages I will use translators’ help.
    6. Haters are very welcome. Nothing boosts popularity and brings a breath of life to the page like internet hate. But spamming will be treated ruthlessly. Do not try to advertise anything or use me to gain fame.