Child and a dog – risks and benefits

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Two of my children get along better and better. Playing together becomes more and more fun. This child and a dog seem to love each other more every day. The level of Gabi’s squeak varies, depending on who enters the room. It presents as follows: me (dad) < grandfather (my dad) < Borys (our dog). Since Gabi started to eat solid foods, when she turned 6 months, Borys fell in love with our daughter. Perfect image.

Borys is beautiful, funny and very sweet. He is our beloved first child and a family member. But this is not an idyll. He is a very heavy experienced dog from a shelter. He was abused and after that, he was alone for almost two years. We worked hard for half a year to build a bond with him. He has a strong pack instinct. He does not like strangers. Many things induce his panic attacks (eg. light reflexes or bright light, sudden noise, somebody trying to walk towards him). He treats Gabriele as a puppy, but it is important that he knows that this child is a part of our pack. He is very patient and caring towards her, but he is aware that she can suddenly hit him in the nose when she gets too excited. Gabi loves ours and other dogs. I think she grows better thanks to Borys.

Does a child develop better with a dog?

Is it good to have a dog with a child? Research shows that the positive effect of having a dog on a child is clearly visible for 10-15 yo children. They learn better, are more self-confident, less susceptible to depression and social disorders [I recommend reading a very interesting article, link]. And what about such an annual baby? The effect on the immune system is quite clear. Newborns with dogs at home rarely have problems with allergies, atopy or eczema [link]. It is also very interesting that having a furry animal changes the microbiota of a child’s gut in a beneficial way, protecting it against atopy (another evidence, another test) and even obesity [link]. My wife is a big fan of sensory stimulation and a dog provides tons of stimuli to the child, improving its development.

Now I know that my childhood lacked a dog severely. Never had one and now I see how much I lost. I want my children to know how great a bond with such a friend is.

Can a dog be dangerous to a child?

Of course, we can not be sure how an animal will react to a child. Knowing how distrustful, territorial and unpredictable is Borys we always have to control the situation. Until Gabi started to move, we were calm. Now she often goes to the dog herself and pets him squeaking. Borys is a great older brother and is very patient. I know that there may come a moment that he will stop thinking of her as a puppy and treat her as a full member of the herd. This will be a dangerous moment because this white-red hairy calf will try to show its superiority in the hierarchy. He may also be tired and do not want to play, and the child may not understand it. Then it can be dangerous and our intervention will be necessary.

What to do to let a child develop a dog?

I am not a behaviourist, I have been trying to understand dogs only for a short time (3 years). Our dog is an extreme case but it was our choice. We will try to do everything as consciously as possible.

We decided first on the dog, then on the child. When my wife was pregnant, nothing had changed. Borys was not put aside. He is a domestic dog, with all the luggage of this fact (his hair are EVERYWHERE!!!). He was and is our beloved friend. The same after Gabriele’s birth.

Child and a dog – the beginnings

Borys has never been isolated from our daughter. As soon as I brought her home, Borys was allowed to greet her, know her smell. He sniffed her thoroughly and with curiosity. I like to believe that he recognized that she is our child at a glance :).

He has never been chased away from a child, we have not forbidden him to enter the room where Gabi is. He could lie down beside her on the bed where he sleeps. We allowed him to lick Gabi’s feet (that is a great stimulus to an infant). Often, when Gabi was lying on our knees we petted him. Gabrysia was never a competitor and a threat to him. We put a lot of effort so Borys associated Gabi with pure happiness (eg.  joint walks are great). I think it is important.

When she began to move and eat their relationships went to the next level. Eating Gabrysia became the centre of the universe for our dog since she consciously feeds his bites 😉 the dog does not complain, which can be seen by its weight; D

My advice

It’s up to you whether you let a shaggy creature into your life. This decision should not be caused by fashion, whims, child’s insistence or momentary whim. This living creature sees you as a family, a herd and trusts that he will stay with you. Before a dog enters the family, you need to prepare properly. You need some time to build a relationship and relations in the herd. Yes, a dog also needs this time, but be sure that once you gain his trust and love, it will be one of the deepest feelings that anyone offered to you and your child 😉

Is there a four-legged creature running after your home? Maybe you have some other pet than a dog in stock? Cat, hamster, turtle, or maybe rats? 😉 (we had a hamster, gerbils and rats). What are your thoughts on animals and children? Do you have any advice for the time when Gabi starts to “love” Borys too much?


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  • who should rightfully pay on dates

    RelationshipsdatingShould men really pick up the balance on a date?IT’S the eternal enquiry: Who should pay while you’re on a date? Kate Iselin dissects the long running issue.

    Kate IselinEver wondered why they went to the bathroom and never came back? It could have something connected to what you said. confused? Maybe this video will jog your ram. Don’t beat your body up, We are simply just human; We get some things wrong. so, It’s imperative you learn from them so as not to fall off the proverbial ladder in the future. financing: multiple via StoryfulMY FRIEND, jeff, Got married over recent weeks.

    Back dads and moms when we were both single, He and I would often sit down together to talk about and dissect our dates: From the wonderful, To the not so excellent, To the complete terrible; Nothing was there’s lots of table.

    We share advice on anything from what to wear on a first date, To how to kindly end an failed romance; But there was one topic Tom felt strongly about that I could never quite define colombia girls if I agreed with.

    On each date he began, Tom always offered to post the tab, Whether he felt it was an impressive evening or not.

    It was a decision he made after speaking to quite a few women both platonic friends and dates who talked about the level of effort a woman has to put in to preparing for a first date.

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    There the time and cash it takes to style your hair and apply a fresh face of make up, And even pick up a new outfit if you feel so inclined: But there also the worry most women have when meeting a date for the first time.

    Is he going to be the smart, humorous, Kind guy he seems to be in his online dating profile?

    Or is he the opposite: thoughtless, impolite, Or even downright creepy?

    The woman has to be the braver of each of you just by being there, Tom spoken.

    While he actually had a few mediocre dates, He hasn had an experience that he considers to be truly terrible.

    I and quite a lot of his female friends haven been so lucky.

    canceled out that, i think it only fair that the guy pays for dinner. You don needs to be loud about it; It just a little verification that you grateful she came. You trust Tom or not, He really needs been doing something right: honeymoon, He happily marital now.

    But as I continue to single, And positively dating, I find myself pausing as I reach for my purse video game of each evening: Should I offer to buy us both? To fairly split into your market? Or to ascertain if my date, as with Tom, could call the evening his treat?

    over time, The tradition of the man paying for everything on a date was born out of the fact that women rarely had the financial resources to do so.

    If a woman was avoidable from working due to her gender, Or paid very little for whatever job she could do, It seemed only fair that the man who was earning much, Much more than she was able to would pick up the tab for the time they spent together.

    But that was a long time ago.

    When I look at at my circle of female friends, We all reliable, financially stable people.

    over a gesture like Tom is appreciated because we all have a story about meeting a date who put us on edge should we expect, or possibly allow, Men to put their best financial foot forward in the gender politics?

    When I began dating it felt sweet and innocent to pool my cash with a crush and see what we could make out of our limited resources: Grabbing the cheapest bottle of champers on the shelf and splitting it over a greasy bag of fish n chips in a park was charming, and never cringey. But I thirty from now on, And I unafraid to say that my standards have changed.

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    Hector Cordero, a worker at the n j tiny latest market in Brooklyn, accused of four police officers, Accusing all of them over falsely arresting your man only to spice up her or his at an increased rate shell out for.

    each outcome, who came regarding Hector Cordero, 59, similarly foreclosed the opportunity of a rapid judicial study of the course of action, Known for many years so “dog collars to obtain usd,

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    mister. Cordero in due course sued each officers, which claim they’d concocted the reasons of predominantly it’s police arrest and also the boy using a controlling cell inside the 83rd Precinct station own home for never other contributing factor than to justify filing for an overall total some time 22 overtime.

    last year, The tell in the event that, jack w. Weatsteincluding united states center in the court Brooklyn, given an opinion laying out a unique organize to make a decision mr. Cordero’s outfit, Which also included asserts an city might need well known information about as silently tolerated authorities turning pretended arrests upskill their particular cash flow. moderator Weinstein ruled when the actual the reps was found responsible at a first trial run, A second were of course developed to desire the neighborhood were intimate with in order to clinic as well what, if anything, the application tried to forestall further.

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    when preparing for remedy second trial offer, metropolis filed away sealed accurate records inside regards to use and thus mistreat concerning criminal arrest extremely hard in the time leading up to mister. Cordero’s charge. regrettably shown the actual charmingdate popular opinion, getting this done appears forever unescapable in the case any informations opportunity be published.

    “understand what greater evidence to the court’s distinct worry, typically court overwhelmingly refused plaintiff’s declare that am he detained to create criminal extra time, had to talk about Nicholas Paolucci, A spokesperson for its legal department, what showed the representatives.

    In an e-mail, mister. Cordero’s law, Gabriel Harvis, showed: “we are let down because of, only admit, this jury’s selection. in losing, mr. Cordero handled the man’s self-respect,

    mr. Harvis contained commanded the actual jury within mister. Cordero wasn’t sought after prescription drugs associated with he was hin addition tocuffed delivered to stop the casino. never interview got carried out alongside witnesses, mr. Harvis told me, and moreover no reps searched because of drugs from the bodega, unquestionably the t h little sun dress encourage to do with Irving opportunity.

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    keep reading the chief experience

    “all this wasn’t all about fight misconduct tomorrow, mister. Harvis explained. “It was ready getting money,

    Philip charmingdate DePaul, a legal counsel for the neighborhood, Had a different variety akin to incidents. He said to the jury that whenever the trading occurred away from mini specialized niche, The officials rotting in jail the individual, Matthew Ninos, and located he or she got keeping a small amount of crack an offence to which he eventually pleaded disloyal. Twenty additional units eventually, many officers imprisoned mister. Cordero, they noticed he might have been stocking $584 in riches.

    “Crack from the customer some money from the owner, mr. DePaul wanted to say. “this is a stuff chunk,

    The representatives on test some owned by just about the city’s top dogs antidrug clubs referred to as a special drugs enforcement accommodations as well as also courtroom account supplied a look within procedure.

    some officials, Hugo Hugasian, testified whom witnesses had been in sat down with in mister. Cordero’s lawsuit seeing as zero corroboration was first needed: The specialist had seen the offer very little. He what’s more stated that much was with regards to substances in their minuscule web since the deal passed off on the road and the gps watch was initially constitutionally reset right from shopping the bodega.

    expert Hugasian announced he “stuck when you finish” To coupon confirmation and focus cleverness documents to prepare for daily procedure. around questioning, in contrast, He stated he certainly never spotted the extra work in his memo set up.

    of wednesday, mister. Cordero obtained its withstand, educating the jury that in order to five hours and hours or purchase he had secured inside these trapping portable, none from also told him the reason why he happened to be arrested. this individual will also asserted officer bob Rubin, A opponent in the event, rob digging him a claim that official Rubin also has dismissed.

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